About Us


 ArKay Beauty Supply was prematurely birthed in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Creating beauty supply store that brings a unique level of customer service to everyone’s beauty store experience!  This is a community store where your business is welcomed and respected while receiving educated answers to your hair care questions. You will find mainstream beauty and haircare products, in addition to lesser-known products sourced both locally and globally from other small business  We strive to combine superior products with the needed exposure to build their brands! Making us more than just another beauty supply store in the neighborhood.  ArKay Beauty Supply does things a little different, within 2400 sq feet located at, 9325 JW Clay Blvd. Ste. 222, Charlotte NC, and the community is always in mind! I understand college isn’t for everyone, yet everyone still needs not just a job, but transferable skills and a career to take them wherever they want to go. ArKay Beauty Supply offers paid, on-the-job training and work experience specifically for high school seniors. This opportunity is open to the community, rather than students of specific schools systems, in an effort to increase community impact. We also understand the importance of second chances and will work with various community-based entities and organizations to develop a program that supports and promotes positive re-entry into the workforce.  ArKay Beauty Supply is sourcing the community with excellent beauty and hair/skincare products.